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At TransAct Title  we are acutely aware of the time, energy and resources our clients invest in real estate transactions.  That is why we are committed to using the latest technology and providing the expertise required to successfully and efficiently manage your business throughout the transaction. We are a full-service title insurance and escrow closing company comprised of positive, caring professionals who excel in accommodating your particular needs. 
Using the best of today’s technology, we will provide you with service customized to your preferences to assist you with your commercial, residential or new construction real estate transaction.  We call it, “The Service You are Entitled To.”
No other title company brings this kind of dedication to the title business. Our reputation has been built on our dependability, integrity and expertise.

What is title insurance?

Protects your title - your ownership rights - from claims against it. Paid at closing, title insurance may be the responsibility of the buyer, the seller or both, depending on what is negotiated in your sales contract.
Title insurance guarantees that the seller has legal and "marketable" title to the property which he or she is selling. Title may be issued for both the buyer and for the lender. 
A policy that protects you in the event of loss resulting from defects in the title specific to the property.
Title insurance policies typically insure a homebuyer against any title-search errors or mistakes, and against loss due to disputes over property ownership.  Title insurance can additionally offer protection to the lender under similar circumstance.
Title insurance covers mistakes made during a title search as well as matters which COULD NOT BE FOUND or discovered in public records.


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